Dive Oahu, Hawaii with daily Honolulu Boat charters for Scuba diving in Hawaii with Rainbow Scuba diving, PADI scuba lessons on Oahu, Hawaii.
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Oahu scuba diving on the island of Oahu. Scuba diving in Hawaii with Rainbow Scuba of Honolulu.
scuba diving in Hawaii, offers daily Oahu scuba dive charters in Hawaii. Padi dive centers in Hawaii for PADI scuba lessons in Honolulu.
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- Oahu offers some of the most exciting Hawaii Shipwrecks and diverse Scuba diving in all the world. -

Aloha! Welcome to Rainbow Scuba Hawaii, Oahu's premier PADI SCUBA Instruction and Scuba charter specialists. Our staff of friendly and experienced SCUBA professionals will show you the incredible waters of Hawaii! Whether you are a first-time diver or an experienced pro, you can expect a world-class experience. Call us at 808-224-7857 to arrange your scuba diving boat charter or scuba lessons in Hawaii.

Whether your just visiting Hawaii or you call Oahu your home, RainbowScuba.com will give you the best dive experience around. We dive scuba sites all around the island from shallow reefs to deep Shipwrecks diving. We have daily scuba diving boat charters for certified divers at competitive rates. Our morning boat charter includes a deep ship wreck dive followed by a shallow reef dive, on our afternoon boat charter we scuba dive two shallow reefs.

Scuba diving in Oahu offers many interesting scuba diving opportunities, including reefs and shipwrecks to explore. Located just minutes away from our Waikiki location are a number of famed Hawaiian shipwreck diving sites like the YO-257, Mahi, Corsair and Sea Tiger, perfect for divers of all levels and experience. All of our Certified Scuba Divers dive with a PADI Divemaster or PADI Instructor at a maximum of 4 divers to 1 guide.

Check out our Youtube.com Scuba diving videos Of Scuba diving in Hawaii.
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Want to get certified? Does nitrox or shipwreck scuba diving get you excited? Try our scuba diving certifications. All scuba courses start weekly and group rates are available. We have complimentary scuba shuttle van service for Waikiki hotels at no additional charge.

Try Scuba Diving on Oahu, No experience necessary! That is right, beginner divers like you do not need to go through months of Hawaii diving courses to get a thrill of a lifetime diving with all kinds of cool underwater animals. Ever wonder what it is like to scuba dive with turtles? What about dolphins? Ever seen sharks in Hawaii before? No problem, diving you can do all of these cool things and it is all completely safe.

Scuba diving should be a must do adventure for any person, even if they think they don't have time for scuba certifications or scuba lessons. It truly is like traveling in space; the weightlessness and complete alien world will leave you wanting to scuba dive in Honolulu again and again.

Thanks for visiting Rainbow Scuba Diving Oahu, Hawaii. Your source for All your Hawaii Scuba Diving Boat Charters and PADI Scuba lessons in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii.

Call Rainbow Scuba Diving in Oahu, Hawaii at (808) 224-7857 today!

Contact RainbowScuba at: instructor@rainbowscuba.com

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